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5 Skyscrapers that Never Existed,2023

Sometimes skyscraper concepts straddle the line between highly ambitious and downright ridiculous. In this video we’ll examine the skyscrapers that were deemed too extreme to make the cut and were never built. This includes the building that was supposed to make the empire state building look tiny by comparison. The developers who claimed they could…

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China’s Insanely Large Megaprojects,2023

China – a country in desperate need of massive  megaprojects to support its unprecedented growth of population. A country that has built highways,  dams, and bridges like no other before. Today, we’ll explore China’s biggest megaprojects  that have reshaped the country. Number 4: the Beipanjiang Bridge …which is the highest bridge in the world. It…

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Telosa – America’s $400 Billion Future City,2023

Imagine a sprawling metropolis in the middle of  the American desert west complete with futuristic infrastructure and carefully planned roads and  streets filled with autonomous electric vehicles. A city that combines the sprawl and diversity  of New York, the efficiency and connectivity of Tokyo, and the governance and sustainability  of Stockholm. An insane multi-billion dollar…

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