Building a Pole Barn From Start To Finish By Affordable Buildings! 2023

Building a Pole Barn From Start To Finish By Affordable Buildings!

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Hey guys welcome back to triple l rustic designs if you’re new here my name is zoe and today I’m going to show you the entire process from start to finish of building this pole, barn, but first I want to talk to you about why we need this pole, barn here at our shop as our youtube and our shop continues to grow, we’re running out of room to store our lumber in our slabs and, as you can see behind me right now, we’re just storing them in our yard, which works during the winter and the dry season, but come rainy season in a couple months. All of this lumber and all these slabs are going to get rained on every single day, so they’re never going to dry and that’s exactly why we need to build our pole barn. Now we can move all these slabs and all the lumber onto the pole, barn or they’ll continue to air dry once they’re air dried enough we’re going to move them into our nile lumber kiln, while they’ll finish the drying process, we’ve been so busy with youtube and everything here at our shop that we knew we would never be able to build a pole barn like this by ourselves in a timely manner.

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So that is why we hire the number one pole, barn company in central, florida, affordable buildings, affordable building products of florida is a leading provider of high quality steel trust. Pole barns offering a wide range of options to meet the needs of all their customers, whether you’re looking for a barn for agriculture, storage or any other purpose, you can be sure that affordable building products of florida has a perfect solution for you. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose affordable buildings for your next barn purchase, durability, steel, truss, pole, barns are known for their long, lasting durability, making them the perfect investment for any property. Affordable buildings uses only top quality steel to ensure that your barn will stand strong for many years to come. Versatility these barns can be customized to fit your specific needs, whether you want a large open space or an enclosed building. The team at affordable buildings can help you design the perfect barn to meet your requirements. Affordability, despite the high quality of their products, affordable buildings is able to offer their barns at a competitive price.

high quality of their products

This means you can get the barn of your dreams without breaking the bank ease of installation, steel, trust, pole. Barns are known for their ease of installation, making them a great option for those who want to get their pole barn up and running quickly. The team at affordable buildings will ensure that your barn is installed with precision and care, as well as offering a diy kit of your custom barn. We are very pleased with how our pole, barn turned out. If you are in the central florida area, looking to have a pole, barn built on your property, we highly recommend you reach out to affordable buildings. Their contact information will also be in the description below this video. Now, let’s get into the video I hope you enjoy watching the process of this pole, barn being built foreign. Thank you, foreign foreign.


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Do it for this video today, I hope you enjoyed watching the process of this pole, barn being built if you’re in the central florida area- and you are in need of a pole, barn, do not hesitate to reach out to affordable buildings. They’re going to make all of your pole, barn dreams come true. I want to know what you guys thought about this.

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