Is Canada Better Than the USA? Pros and Cons Compared, 2023

Is Canada Better Than the USA? Pros and Cons Compared

Is Canada Better Than the USA? Pros and Cons Compared

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Is canada better than the us? This year the number of americans moving or traveling to canada has doubled and all of that due to the political situation, personal safety and questionable government policies. On the flip side, canadian immigration has also increased due to covet’s restrictions and high costs of living. So in this video we will once and for all answer, the question is canada really better. We’ve chosen 10 most important things that we will rank both countries on. Let’s go foreign canada is larger than the states by territory, but the united states population is more than 330 million compared to the measly 38 million in canada.


As a result, there are only five cities with population over 1 million in canada, compared to 14 in the states population. Areas are heavily centralized in canada, with 20 percent of all canadian population spread across the top five cities. And why? Because these cities have most job opportunities and much better infrastructure than the rest of canada since canada is so large and cold and population is so low, it’s just too expensive to build infrastructure everywhere. Another big thing you should know is that canada has two official languages, english and french. Some cities are predominantly french-speaking, meaning that all world signs, services and communication is done in french u.s on the other side has no official language per se at the federal level, but english is typically used all over the country. Some states grant a special status to spanish language. Alaska has made 20 native languages. Official and hawaiian is the official language of the state of hawaii, along with english there’s, definitely a lot more to choose from in the us in terms of the right climate, the location and the kind of city you want to live in. So the u.s gets all the points on the city’s criteria from us. Canada is a is expensive. If you choose to live in toronto or vancouver, you may end up reconsidering your choice once you see rent prices in these cities.

if you choose to live in Toronto or

Interestingly, the average price of home in canada is actually higher than the us. It’s 550 000 american dollars in canada versus 428 000 in the us homes are costlier in canada due to low interest rates, high demand, foreign investors and ever-growing immigration housing in the us is cheaper thanks to larger population, better infrastructure and potential cheaper, labor illegal labor see it’s easier to get lost in a crowd as an illegal immigrant, when the population of the country is over 300 million people, but we’ll get back to this topic a little bit later, you can still find cheaper housing in canada, though the further you go from the major cities, the cheaper the housing gets, but keep in mind that the rest of canada outside the metropolitan areas is a lot less developed than many mid-sized cities in the us, the u.

cities in the US

, certainly wins the point here, although canadians often take off their shoes in the house, while americans don’t always have the habit of taking off their shoes even when getting in bed. So we are given canada half a point for personal hygiene. Interestingly, more immigrants flock to canada than the united states. Thanks to that, the canadian population is more culturally diverse. Almost 45 percent of canadians belong to the second generation of immigrants and around 20 percent were born outside of canada. On the contrary, in the u.s, only 13 percent of the population is born outside of the country. Some of you are probably surprised to hear all of that stats, since we all know about the immigration issues between the us and its southern neighbor. Of course, the statistic accounts for legal immigration only and canada in general is a lot more welcoming to immigrants and refugees simply because immigration is vital to canada’s economy. Canada has been improving its immigration system over the decades. It supports immigrants, through every step of the immigration journey from visa, to finding a first job and helping you assimilate in the canadian society. The us on the other side is not particularly known to have a supportive immigration policy and, honestly, it’s fairly unstable because it oftentimes depends on who’s in power and, of course, it helps. The canadians in general are very welcoming and polite and make you feel like you belong here from day.

and make you feel like you belong here

One canada certainly gets a point from us here, while america is led by president. Canada is a member of the commonwealth and is led by a prime minister and technically king. Charles iii is the head of state in canada in the us there are two major parties: canada has four major parties and canadian politics is way. Less polarizing canada in general is more liberal politically than the united states.

liberal politically than the United

There is no ban on abortion. The green smoky substance is legal. There are way less issues with racism and the lgbtq rights are widely recognized. In fact, canada tops numerous lists in lgbtq rights and freedoms, and it was the fourth country in the world to recognize same-sex marriage in the u.s. This happened 10 years later and given how segmented the u.s political system is, the lgbtq rights may differ significantly, depending on which state you’re in time for another controversial topic, religion, canada, is mostly secular and and religion is separate from the government. In contrast, it’s very common to see american politicians talk about religion and some are very hardcore about it. Religion is used as a political platform in the united states. According to the survey, canada ranks 12th among the least religious countries. Only 27 percent of canadians reported that religion is an important part of their lives, as opposed to more than half of respondents in the united states. There is no majority religion in canada and since immigration has been on the rise, canada is becoming more and more religiously diverse heaven said all that canada definitely gets the brownie points for political and religious diversity. Canada passed its first gun laws in 1934.

Canada passed its first gun laws in

These laws have been shaped by the country’s experience with the gang violence in 1930s, as well as by its own, unique history, culture, geography and demographics. It is illegal for anyone, except for the most part, the police and the military to possess guns. The law restricts handguns by requiring a registration to possess them. A permit is also required to carry weapons. It is issued under a limited and temporary circumstances. Only there are also restrictions on what type of guns you can own in canada, no automatic or semi-automatic rifles or handguns are allowed. Only single shot rifles and shotguns are allowed, with certain restrictions on a munition size and type depending on what province you live in. This is totally different from the us, where you can easily buy a gun in walmart and walk around with it like it’s, your favorite plushy toy and you won’t even be asked about a license or a permit, and this is one of the many reasons why crime rate in the us is hiring than not to mention all other terrible accidents that happen in schools in the us. I’d give canada a billion points for gun control. Health care system is probably the most talked about difference between canada and the united states canadians love bragging about their free health care, and that’s something many americans want.

Health Care system is probably the most

But we all know that the only free cheese is in a mousetrap and the canadian mousetrap is its income tax? That’s what pays for our health care system! That is why health care system in canada is complicated. Each province has its own different health, care, system, different health cards and different database different provinces. Healthcare systems also cover different types of services. For example, some provinces, don’t cover dental services, while other cover massages. When moving to canada. You should learn about the province’s healthcare system. In advance, apart from all the bureaucracy, finding primary care, physicians or getting timely medical exams can be a struggle. Unless canadian voters suddenly agreed to pay more taxes of course, the u.s situation with health care is different, not better, not worse. It’s just different. You can see any doctor and get any medical exam with a lot less hustle than in canada, but this will come with a big bill and private insurance in the us is both vital and expensive, but seems like canada is doing something right, because the average life expectancy is longer in canada, canada wins brownie points here. It is believed that americans work more than canadians and I.

It is believed that Americans work more

Think it’s true to begin. Canadians are entitled to at least two weeks vacation every five hours. Canadian employees are given a 30-minute break and all this is regulated by canadian and provincial labor codes in the united states. On the other hand, none of that is enforced by the labor code. Conditions of work are defined individually by each employer. Americans also have the right to breaks during the working day and to go on vacations, but they use them less, often out of fear to be passed on promotion or getting a better reputation or even worse, getting fired because they’re not hard working enough for many americans.

fired because they're not hard working

It’s normal to work 50 hours a week just to show that you’re worthy of respect and your salary on the flip side, canadians are more chill. They prefer to work 40 hours a week and much rather spend the rest of their time with their families or on their hobbies. Some companies offer 35 hour working weeks. There are also a handful of companies tasting a four day working weeks in canada. Another cultural difference is how business meetings are conducted. Americans prefer to get down to business since times. Money and they’re also more direct and therefore are perceived as more aggressive and competitive. Small talk may be considered a waste of time by americans. On the other hand, canadians especially franco canadians value relationships and politeness more and they need time to break the ice or just chat before discussing business. It’s not uncommon to call for 30-minute meeting and spend 20 minutes on small talk and then 10 minutes for business. True story canadians also value collectivism. It starts from the young age. They sleep together on the floor. In kindergartens sit together at desks in school. They are taught to inspire and support each other work and collaborate in groups- all this translates into the workplace in canada, working together and being a team player is much more valued than being individualistic, competitive and strictly self-reliance, smart ass. So for this point, both canada and the us score as a tie, because it all depends on your values and where you place your career

in life

in life, this work-life balance topic it’s important to notice that parents have it great in canada, canada has governmental paid maternity leave for one year, or there is an option to take more and still get paid for it, parental leave can be split between two parents. In any way you like it. Yes, fathers can also go on parental leave and, while moms and dads are at home with their baby, they continue to receive part of their last salary, usually between 55 to 80 percent in the united states. The parental situation is similar to vacation time. It’s not. The government that pays new moms and debts is their employer and only if they choose to new parents in the states get 12 weeks of work with no guaranteed pay yes. You heard it right. 12 weeks, not 12 months, everything is up to the employer, so of course, canada gets a point for paid parental leave. Canadians definitely put more emphasis on higher education.

Canadians definitely put more emphasis

According to a report from the organization for economic, cooperations and development. Canada has a large percentage of adults seeking higher education. The report also showed that canada has the highest percentage of women with the college education in comparison, the rate of illegal immigration in the u.s unfortunately hurts the stats even more. The fact that many immigration programs in canada aim to attract highly educated and skilled professionals only adds to the statistics of people with higher education in canada. This leads to a highly competitive job market, and many newcomers complain that it is not easy to find your first job in the field without networking or canadian experience. U.s experience is not exempt from that. So americans moving to canada can easily face the same problem. American job market is also highly competitive. It attracts world-class professionals from all over the world and it’s less demanding to have an american experience to get the job. So don’t be surprised when you arrive in canada and take an uber from the airport and your driver will be a lawyer or a doctor who wasn’t able to get a job in canada. Anyways canada takes the point here for having a more educated population. Oh and talking about education. Higher education is more affordable in canada.

higher education is more affordable in

Yes, we all know that america is home to some of the best universities, globally, harvard yale stanford, but majority of people can’t afford to go to harvard or even get into harvard, and even a local college will cost close to thirty thousand dollars a year. For your bachelor’s degree, that means most of the students who don’t qualify for scholarships end up close to one hundred thousand dollars in debt. In the end of their studies in canada, provincial residents benefit from lower tuition fees and even international tuition fees are still lower than many american schools. A year of undergraduate university would cost around 6 000 for locals and around 15 to 20 000 for international students. Even at the top schools in the country, quebec is famous for the cheapest prices for higher education and attracts tens of thousands of students from all over the world each year, in addition to this, every problem has educational programs for residents free of charge. So if you want to change careers but you’re, not sure whether you should invest and pay for higher education, you can try one of those upskilling programs first and see for yourself. The us, on the contrary, takes the survival of the fittest approach. If you want to go to school, you have to come up with a lot of money and there is little to no free upskilling courses. You can access. Canada, certainly wins this one because of more affordable education, so drum roll which of these 10 points surprised you.

which of these 10 points surprised you

The most let us know in the comments below is canada better than the us. In the end you decide for yourself. It depends on what matters to you the most in the end and if you’ve moved to canada from the united states. Please share your experience with others. What appeals to you the most and why and as usual, don’t forget to click the like button below. It really helps our channel out and make

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